Houston rapper, Bun B, takes a picture with Diverscity clothing co owner, Adonis Alexander, wearing the HTX baseball tee.

We Gave The City of Houston, aka Space City, the T-Shirt Houstonians Deserve


Diverscity Clothing Co is the go to brand for Houston apparel. Houston’s all-time best seller is everything a true Houstonian could dream of. Showcasing a major part of Houston’s identity in just a few visuals, the HTX baseball tee is not just for Astro’s baseball fans! This t-shirt has captured the hearts of proud everyday Houstonians, incoming tourists, and even Astronauts at the Houston Space Center!


The Original Crush City Tee Spotted at NASA!



In 2016, Diverscity Clothing Co. made its debut with the HTX baseball tee as a compliment to our beloved Crush City. Born from a simple concept, the design quickly became a symbol of local pride and a nod to the city’s rich history. The unique design, blending the astronaut with the spirit of baseball, resonated with the community, rapidly turning into a fashion statement across the city.



As Diverscity gained popularity on the brink of the Houston Astros' first-ever attempt at a World Series Championship in 2017, the city of Houston came together to celebrate and show up for each other! Diverscity followed with a memorable collection of baseball tee designs that will be as relevant in 20 years as they are today.



Who doesn’t love to represent their own city wherever they travel? Diverscity’s HTX tee has been represented in numerous locations worldwide, from the bustling streets of Tokyo to the historical landmarks of Paris. The global appeal of this tee shows the universal love for Houston and its culture.


I am HOUSTON series: What is Diverescity Clothing Co.? Featuring the Founder of Diverscity, Adonis Alexander. 



Diverscity Clothing Co’s HTX baseball tee remains an iconic staple in the greater Houston area, cherished for its historic design, comfort, and quality. As we look ahead, we will lean into Diverscity, confident that the historic and timeless H-town originals will keep coming.  Diverscity will continue to capture the hearts of proud Houstonians for generations to come!

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